Michele founded Renaissance in 1985.

With a passion for all things hair he is the driving force behind the Salon and Artistic Team. Creativity, flare and an endless supply of energy are Michele’s key strengths!

Always making sure Renaissance is fresh and vibrant, Michele has a hands on and artistic approach to the training and continues development of staff and himself.

Michel has worked hard to create a strong Artistic Team, combining experience, youth, inspiration and character. He is proud that Renaissance is continually the ‘salon with the client in mind’.

“Hairdressing is visual” 


A gifted Gentlemen’s Stylist with over thirty years of experience, Pasqual has a keen eye for fashion photography and a wealth of knowledge, past and present, of men’s hair,  wet shaving and facial care.
Pasqual came to Renaissance originally as a vital part of the Artistic Team. 
Having played a key role in the Team’s initial TV and session work,  he is still passionate about the continued development of Renaissance’s portfolio. 
The two Italians, Michele and Pasqual enjoy working together so much that he is still here years later and very much a big part of the Renaissance team!
“If Carlsberg did barbers, it would probably be me, the best barber in the world”

Holly May

Originally joining Renaissance aged 16 as an apprentice,  Holly is a crucial cog in the Renaissance team, now working as Michele’s second in command,.
Holly organises everyone! Performing as a manageress as well as being the Salon’s qualified Nail Technician, she also has the ability to teleport to the reception when the phone rings. 
Renaissance enables Holly to express both her creativity and capability as a young business woman, giving her the confidence to perform as manager and expand her knowledge.
Holly loves being involved and experimenting with the Artistic Team and has much to offer with the expansion of the nail bar.  
As well as keeping the salon running smoothly,  Holly ensures everyone delivers the highest level of service, catering to every client’s needs and ensuring we all leave happy!
Hello Renaissance, how can I help..?”


Suzie has worked at Renaissance for over ten years, growing and developing into a great and very popular Stylist and Colour Technician within the Salon. 
Suzie continues to impress both clients and colleagues with her ongoing creativity and attentive care. As well as enjoying the technical side of her job, Suzie feels hairdressing has given back to her,  with confidence and job satisfaction. 
In particular Suzie loves colouring and and cutting short styles as she finds it is here she can get really inventive and exciting.
And congratulations to Suzie who had a gorgeous baby girl in July 2018!
“If your happy, I’m happy!”


Renaissance has been a massive part of Sophia’s life, having essentially grown up in and around the Salon!
Leaving for London at eighteen to kickstart her successful acting career,  Sophia found her scissors and comb were still a vital part of who she was.  She has now been working as a freelance Hair Stylist in and out West End Theatres and sets for five years.
Sophia returned to the Salon towards the end of 2017 where she has been able to share what she has learnt, and in turn learn herself, from the Artist Team. She loves being part of a creative hub again and has realised how much she missed the gang!
Splitting her time between London and Ipswich, Sophia brings back new styles and ideas from the capital, and of course film sets!
Don’t stress, it will get done.”



Lily has been coming into Renaissance well before she could walk! 
Having always known she wanted to become a hairdresser Lily joined the team after her GCSEs as an apprentice. She has now taken on the role of Junior Stylist.
Lily lives for all things creative and treats hair as a blank canvas on which she can work with clients to get the best possible result. She loves seeing clients happy and confident leaving the salon.
Fast maturing into a strong and capable young lady, Lily has found working as part of the Artistic Team incredibly rewarding. She finds it ‘interesting to see how everyone’s contributions comes together, creating a really special piece of art.’
Lily is driven and generous, with an exiting talent that will only grow.
“I’ve got a story for you…”