L’Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Finals 2019

If getting 2 teams through to the Semi – Finals, we made it through to the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Grand Finals 2019. This is a huge achievement and the biggest event of the year in the hairdressing industry, and also the first time Renaissance, and an Ipswich salon, has ever made it this far in the competition! Roll on Monday 3rd June!

NHF Blackpool 1st Place

The ‘new’ Artistic Team entered their first competition – and won their first competition as team! We travelled up to Blackpool on March 10th 2019 and came home with ‘Colour Of The Day’ 1st place, which is a huge achievement!

L’Oreal Semi Finalists 2019

A huge achievement for the ‘New’ Artistic Team securing 2 team in to the Regional Semi Finals! The only salon to achieve this in Ipswich!

Bring on Duxford on April 8th!

Introducing Natural Hair Colouring

New to 2019 in the L’Oreal Botanea hair colour range.

An all natural, non animal tested, vegan hair colour made out of plant extract and water to create vibrant coppers, golden blondes and rich brunettes.

The results have exceeded our expectations for a product so simple! And because theres no peroxide or additives, it leaves our hair looking and feeling perfectly healthy – theres no damage your hair!

The New Natural Range

Our product range is always expanding, and our latest range is the Source Essentielle.

With all natural ingredients (expect the necessary sensorial and preservation qualities of the formula) its free from sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and absolutely no animal testing. It’s also refillable up to 3 times – saving the planet whilst having luscious looking hair!


Celebration 100 Years Of Woman 2018

The artist team got together to create a photoshoot to celebrate 100 years of woman getting the vote.

Starting with womans suffrage, to land girls, to 70s, finishing at the modern woman today!




Artistic Team Photo Shoot 2018

The Renaissance artist team got creative in a ‘mugshot’ style photoshoot. Getting together a few gentleman clients, and the salons most matured client of 95 years young, Daff as ‘The Godmother’. This was great, motivational start too 2018!



Justin as ‘The DJ’. Guy as ‘The Guy’. Daff as ‘The Godmother’. Roy as ‘The Tiler’.Paul as ‘Bricktop’

L’Oreal Colour Trophy

Well done to our artist team on reaching regional finals in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy in their first completion as a team! Great start too summer 2017.

London to Paris Cycle Ride £3,000 – Thank you for your Support


Michele and Renaissance would like to say a big thank you to our clients for helping raise £3,000 for Action Medical Research via the London to Paris Cycle ride in July 2014.

Men’s Grooming

April 2013

Michele and Pasqual, after much thought and research, including traveling to Italy to observe the latest techniques in cut-throat shaving and products used, are happy to announce that from May they will be extending the men’s service to include Shaves and Facials