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Semi Permanent Make-Up

All our Semi Permanent Make-up services are carried out by qualified, professional clinicians.

We are passionate about delivering only the absolute best treatments using the latest technology and products in an environment that is relaxing and safe. Semi Permanent Make-up is the perfect solution to naturally enhance your facial features and restore loss of pigmentation in the Lips & Eyes. 

A full consultation is required prior to your appointment so we can discuss your specific goals and together we can achieve the fantastic results you want!

All Semi-Permanent Make up services requires a touch up appointment 3 to 4 weeks after the first initial appointment as well as a yearly top up to ensure the highest quality results.

Prices from

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

1st Appointment 

For an already full brow that is just in need of a little more definition.


Powder Brow


Ombre Brow

For a more soft, natural looking brow.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner


Creating a more defined eye.

Semi-Permanent Lips


Creating a natural contour of the lips.

Lip Liner

Full Lip

Adding a tailored pigment to both in and around the lips to create a more natural, defined look.



Microblading is the use of manual, tiny needles to finely scratch the top layer of skin to allow the tailored shade of pigment to be absorbed. Each stroke is made to mimic individual hair strands, enhancing you're natural brows and to create definition. Microblading can also be used to fill in gaps that appear from hair loss or over plucking. A semi-permanent pigment is used to prevent unnatural colours when fading unlike permanent cosmetics.

First Appointment 



Microblading by Sarah

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