Facials & Skincare 

Taking time out of your busy schedule to relax and be pampered has never been more vital!

Our specialist beauty therapists are here to look after your skin’s health and vitality in a service that is specially tailored to you.

An in-depth consultation is always carried out before all treatments so you can voice your needs and concerns before being thoroughly pampered with everything from face-masks to massages to clinical treatments.

Brightening Facial 


25 Minutes

Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliation and toner to leave your skin feeling clear and fresh. Short enough to have in your lunch break but just long enough to feel relaxed!

Classic Facial 


45 Minutes

A 45 minute facial tailored especially to you to target your skins needs and concerns and take the time out to relax that you deserve. Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliation, toner and face mask leaving your skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Signature Facial 


1 Hour 

With all the benefits of a classic facial but and the added luxury of a face, shoulder and neck massage to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

LED Lightfusion® Facial 


1 Hour 15 Minutes

Add on the luxurious LED Lightfusion® treatment to your Classic or Signature facial, to restore the cell process in the skin using a natural visible red light and near infrared light wavelengths to; 

  • Enhance elasticity 

  • Improve Hydration 

  • Reduce fine lines 

  • Improve uneven skin tone

  • Brighten complexion 

A Hydrogel mask is applied to hydrate and cool the skin before the LED device is placed over the mask. For best results, repeat treatment every 4-6 weeks.



Dermaplane is a safe and painless treatment.  A sterile blade is used at a 45 degree angle to gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing the fine hairs that trap oil, dirt and dead skin cells within your pores. Promoting smoother, softer skin and the growth of new skin cells needed to give your skin the desired healthy and bright appearance. Dermaplanning also encourages deeper product penetration and make up application.

 Classic Dermaplane 


45 Minutes

Includes a facial cleanse, tone & SPF moisturiser. 

 Signature Dermaplane 

60 Minutes

All the benefits of a Classic Dermaplane treatment but with the added luxury of a steam and face mask to relax you even more.

Finished off with your choice of facial/ LED light treatment/ massage.

Chemical Peel


60 Minutes

Chemical peels are not as scary and dangerous as they sound, we promise!

The chemical peel is a completely painless treatment (although you may feel a slight tingling sensation). It is used to remove the upper layer of epidermis (top lay of skin) and thoroughly cleanse the skin to help unclog pores. Our specialist beauty therapist will tailor this treatment to you and your skins concerns. The perfect treatment to improve fine lines, sun and age spots as well as stimulate collagen in the skin to give a more radiant appearance. 



60 Minutes

Micro-needling is performed using tiny needles to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to rejuvenate and repair the skin tissue. This leaves your skin looking firmer and more radiant although you will experience slight redness lasting a few hours post treatment. Micro-needling is recommend for treating acne scarring, sun damage and fine lines.

Finish off your session with either a soothing iced globe facial or LED Lamp treatment, enquire upon booking.